Paving a Way

Scholars in the Streets at the Institute for Advanced Study

Visitors navigating the Institute for Advanced Study for the first time may be surprised to find themselves lingering on Einstein Drive or driving through Veblen Circle. There are scholars in the streets of the Institute for Advanced Study. These roads serve as an important reminder of the historic scholars that paved a way for the groundbreaking research that happens today on the Institute campus. The roads here allow us to navigate the storied history of the Institute for Advanced Study from its foundation in 1930 to today.

This StoryMap offers a bit more detail in remembrance of the lives and legacies of those scholars.

Each road name features a brief biography of its scholarly namesake. Those interested in learning more about the scholars in question or about the construction and development of the Institute are advised to visit the Institute’s archive at the Shelby White and Leon Levy Archives Center located in the Historical Studies and Social Sciences Library.

The Shelby White and Leon Levy Archives Center sustains the shared history at the center of the Institute for Advanced Study, collecting, preserving, and providing access to materials that document the work of our scholars, supporters, and administrative staff. The archives center strives to create opportunities to engage with the Institute’s past and to work collectively towards the Institute’s future.