Metro Station vs. Monuments? A Controversial Project in Greece

During the construction of a metro station in Thessaloniki a sensational archaeological discovery was made: the remains of the main street of the Late Antique and early Byzantine city and remains of a gate, public places, and shops.

Learn more about the discovery from this video.

The discovery of this complex, which makes Thessaloniki one of the best preserved late antique/early Byzantine cities, has led to a controversy: can this complex be preserved in situ without disturbing the construction of the subway that the city urgently needs? Should the archaeological remains be removed and re-installed after the completion of the project?

IAS and the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at UCLA hosted an international forum on this subject, which took place on September 26, 2021, with the participation of Angelos Chaniotis, Professor in the School of Historical Studies, and former Member Sharon Gerstel, Professor of Byzantine Art and Archaeology at UCLA.

Watch the panel discussion here.