“The Mutant Project” by Eben Kirksey Now Available

Inside the Global Race to Genetically Modify Humans

Eben Kirksey, American anthropologist and Member (2019–20) in the School of Social Science, takes a deep dive into the gene editing revolution in his newly released book, The Mutant Project (St. Martin’s Press, 2020).

Whose values are guiding gene editing experiments? And what does this new era of scientific inquiry mean for the future of the human species? These are among the many questions that Kirksey seeks to answer as our society contends with a genetically engineered future.

In conjunction with the book’s release, Kirksey shares key themes in the exclusive lecture “Remaking Life with Shenzhen Speed.” A virtual launch event was held on Wednesday, November 11, 2020, which can be viewed here. Additionally, Kirksey's recent conversation on the Tech Nation radio podcast is available here.

The book is widely praised by scholars, authors, and bioethicists, including Alondra Nelson, Harold F. Linder Professor in the School of Social Science and author of The Social Life of DNA, who remarked, “With rare access to key players, Kirksey is the perfect guide to this unsettling new ethical and political terrain.

Kirksey is sought out as an expert on science in society by the Associated Press, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Democracy Now, TIME, and the BBC, among other media outlets. He speaks widely at the world’s leading academic institutions including Oxford, Yale, Columbia, UCLA, and the International Summit of Human Genome Editing. Kirksey holds a long-term position at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia.

The Mutant Project is available for purchase at Macmillan Publishers.


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