Women and Mathematics Program Celebrates Twenty-Five Years

Women and Mathematics, an outreach program of the Institute for Advanced Study, recently celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary with a dinner honoring co-founders Karen Uhlenbeck and Chuu-Lian Terng.

Uhlenbeck and Terng, both former Members in the School of Mathematics who first came to IAS in 1979, brought the program to the Institute in 1994 under Director Phillip Griffiths.

The purpose of Women and Mathematics is to address gender imbalance concerns that women are not succeeding in the mathematics community at the expected rate. Both Uhlenbeck and Terng have mentored hundreds of young women mathematicians through the program they founded, resulting in a powerful network of nearly 1,500 participants to date. For their foresight and commitment, speakers for the two Women and Mathematics lectures have been named in their honor with the titles of Uhlenbeck Lecturer and Terng Lecturer.

More information about their service and the program may be found at www.math.ias.edu/wam/2018.


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