Joan Wallach Scott Awarded 2016 Talcott Parsons Prize

Joan Wallach Scott, Professor Emerita in the School of Social Science, has been awarded the 2016 Talcott Parsons Prize of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences for her distinguished contributions to the social sciences. Scott was cited as “the most influential theorist and practitioner of feminist and gender theory working in the historical sciences,” and noted for bringing “to feminist and gender theory a critical view that has continuously pushed the boundaries, not just of conventional history, but also of the professional criticism of historiography.” Scott will receive the award at a ceremony on April 6, 2017, and will give an acceptance speech at the House of the Academy in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The American Academy was founded in 1780 to “cultivate every art and science which may tend to advance the interest, honor, dignity, and happiness of a free, independent, and virtuous people.” The Talcott Parsons Prize was established in 1974 to recognize excellence in the social sciences and committment to the ideals of the institution. Previous recipients of the prize include past Faculty members of the School of Social Science Clifford Geertz and Albert O. Hirschman.

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