Talking Points: Christian Habicht on IG II2 2971

I remember going into Professor Habicht’s office—he always had time no matter how busy he was––and saying “How would you like it if IG II2 2971 dates to around 250 instead of 314?” He took his copy of Inscriptiones Graecae off the shelf to take a look at the text, knotted his brow a bit, and said he’d think about it. Back to my office I went. I did not expect to hear anything for a day or two, as I had interrupted him in the midst of his work. Was I ever mistaken! About one half hour later I opened my door to his knock. There he stood a broad grin on his face, positively beaming. “Perfect,” he said and left me to figure it out. Of course, he later kindly read what I wrote and helped me tremendously with it. ––Stephen V. Tracy, Visitor and former Member in the School of Historical Studies, in Attika Epigraphika, a volume of the proceedings of an epigraphic conference held in honor of Christian Habicht, Professor Emeritus in the School of Historical Studies