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Videos from Prospects in Theoretical Physics 2016

Published 2016

Andrea Kane

Prospects in Theoretical Physics is an intensive two-week summer program typically designed for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars considering a career in theoretical physics. First held by the School of Natural Sciences at the Institute for Advanced Study in the summer of 2002, the PiTP program is designed to provide lectures and informal sessions on the latest advances and open questions in various areas of theoretical physics. Prospects in Theoretical Physics builds on the strong relationship of the research groups at the Institute and Princeton University, and many faculty members from the physics departments at both institutions are actively involved in the program together with scientists from neighboring institutions.

Introduction to Plasma Physics I: Magnetohydrodynamics by Matthew Kunz

Visualization Analysis and Design I by Tamara Munzner

Numerical Methods for Astrophysical Magnetohydrodynamics by Jim Stone

yt: A Python-based Framework for Visualization and Analysis of Physical Simulations by John ZuHone

Visualization Analysis and Design II by Tamara Munzner

Introduction to Plasma Physics II: Kinetics by Matthew Kunz

Introduction to Plasma Astrophysics I by Eliot Quataert

#MCF: The physics of magnetic confinement in 180 minutes I by Michael Barnes

Numerical relativity: dynamical spacetimes and matter dynamics by Luis Lehner

Visualization in the News by Matthew Ericson

Exercise Activity with Matthew Ericson

Introduction to Plasma Astrophysics II by Eliot Quataert

Kinetic Plasma Simulations with the Particle-in-Cell Method I by Anatoly Spitkovsky

Black Hole Magnetospheres by Alexander Tchekhovskoy

Optimizing for Intel's Knights Landing and Other HPC Architectures by Hal Finkel

Numerical Relativity: Magnetohydrodynamics by Luis Lehner

#MCF: The Physics of Magnetic Confinement in 180 Minutes ll by Michael Barnes

Astrophysics of accretion disks by Charles Gammie

Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Hyerbolic PDEs: l by Olindo Zanotti

Cosmic Rays l by Ellen Zweibel

Numerical Methods for Radiation Hydrodynamics by Jim Stone

Relativistic Magnetohydrodyamics by Charles Gammie

The Disk-Jet Connection by Alexander Tchekhovskoy

Kinetic Plasma Simulations with the Particle-in-Cell Methods II by Anatoly Spitkovsky

Star Formation and Feedback by Eve Ostriker

Software Engineering l by Robert Lupton

Applications of the PIC Methods to Astrophysical Plasmas by Anatoly Spitkovsky

Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Hyperbolic PDEs: ll by Olindo Zanotti

Lightning Talks by PiTP Participants

Cosmic Rays ll by Ellen Zweibel

Software Engineering ll by Robert Lupton