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Princeton University Interstellar Medium (ISM) Special Seminar

Multiwavelength Far-Infrared Polarimetry with HAWC+

Far-Infrared polarimetry is a useful tool for exploring the role of magnetic fields in star formation and Galactic dynamics. The HAWC+/SOFIA polarimeter provides a major leap forward in observing capability from previous FIR polarimeters by providing both photometric and polarimetric imaging at 53, 89, 154, and 214 microns. I will review the instrumental capabilities and discuss initial results from HAWC+, including multiwavelength measurements of the OMC-1 region.


David Chuss

Speaker Affiliation

Villanova University


Natural Sciences

Date & Time
June 18, 2019 | 11:00am12:00pm


Peyton Hall, Dome Room, Room 201