eduroam Installation Guide for Windows 8 and 10

Windows 8 and Windows 10 Setup for eduroam

Go to

eduroam downloader screen image

Click the “download your eduroam installer” button

When prompted to select your institution, select "Institute for Advanced Study"

Image of selecting IAS

Verify that the correct operating system is being presented.

image showing OS version of installer

Click on the “Download your eduroam installer” button.

image of screen showing installer information

Open the file that was downloaded.
Click the “Next” button.

image - installer startup screen

Click the “OK” button.

image - click ok button

After reading the conditions, select “Accept” then click the “Install” button.

image - click Accept and Next button

Click the "Yes" button to install the certificate.

image - click Yes to install certificate

Click the “Finish” button to finish the installation.

image - finished

On your device's WiFi, Select "eduroam".  A sign in prompt will appear.

Enter your IAS user name with ""  (examples,
Enter your IAS password and then click the "OK" button.