eduroam Installation Guide for OSX

If you already have eduroam set up and need to install the Institute profile, you'll have to first uninstall the existing eduroam profiles.  Skip ahead and complete that section first, and then return here to continue.

OS X Setup for eduroam

1) Go to

OSX eduroam (1)


2) Click on the "download your eduroam installer" button

eduroam download installation button




3) Select Institute for Advanced Study when prompted.

OSX eduroam (2)














4)Make sure you are downloading eduroam for the right operating system, then click the "Download your eduroam installer" button.

5) Open the file that was downloaded.

6) Press the "Continue" button

OSX eduroam (3)











7) Press the "Continue" button again

OSX eduroam (4)











8) Enter your IAS email credentials (example, in the labeled boxes and then click the "Install" button.

OSX eduroam (5)











9) Press the "Install" button.

OSX eduroam (6)











10) Enter the device's administrator name and password to finish installation

OSX eduroam (7)







Eduroam Uninstallation

1) To uninstall eduroam, go to your settings (Depending on the OSX version, this could be "System Preferences" or "System Settings")

OSX eduroam (8)













2) Click on "Profiles"


3) Click on eduroam and then click the "-" symbol.

OSX eduroam (9)










4) If you need to re-install eduroam, return to the section at the top of the page.