eduroam Installation Guide for Android

.pdf eduroam instructions for Android

eduroam Installation Guide for Android

If you run into issues setting up eduroam from the app, use these instructions for installing the IAS profile from

Note: Depending on the manufacturer of your phone, the eduroam CAT app may not work on Android 11.  For this reason, we will continue to support the installers on

From the Google Play Store download and install the eduroam CAT app on your Android device.

eduroam CAT app on playstore

Once the app is opened, a pop-up will appear prompting you to allow access to your device's location. Select "allow all the time" or "allow only while using the app." 

Pop-up asking user to allow access to device's location

After allowing access to your location, the app will search for eduroam profiles near you. If you are in Princeton, four will appear. Select "Institute for Advanced Study". If you are not near Princeton or if you have location turned off, the profile will need to be downloaded from


nearby configurations on the app which include Princeton University, Institute for Advanced Study, Rider University, and The College of New Jersey

A box will pop up asking you to "allow" or "deny" the app to access your photos, media, and files. Click the "allow" button.

Pop up asking user to "allow" or "deny" eduroamCAT to access photos, media, and files on device

Click the "Install" button to install the Configuration File.


Click the "Yes" button to install the profile.

terms of use for installing profile

Enter your IAS email credentials (example, in the labeled boxes and then click the "Install" button.


After the login has been verified, the device will automatically move to SSID = eduroam.

**If the profile install fails and you have previously used eduroam for another institution, go to your wifi settings and click to "forget" eduroam. 

wifi settings to forget eduroam

How to remove an eduroam profile

In the CAT app, click on the profile tabs. Find the eduroam profile and click the "Remove" button.

remove profile screen