The Institute Letter Spring 2022

Explore the legacy of civil rights activist and educator Bob Moses from the perspective of Distinguished Visiting Professor Karen Uhlenbeck; read about the current struggle of Ukrainians and its ties to the past; and take a tour of the Institute’s intellectual heritage with IAS Director and Leon Levy Professor David Nirenberg. Discover the exciting work of IAS scholars—like the proof of the Kahn-Kalai Conjecture, the observation of a new state of matter, the first image of our galaxy’s black hole, and recent publications by Faculty and Members. Also included are articles about the new professorships established at IAS and interviews with Rosanna Dent, Member in the School of Historical Studies; John Urschel, Member in the School of Mathematics; and Fernando Brancoli, Fellow in the Summer Program in Social Science.

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The Institute for Advanced Study is pleased to announce the establishment of the Albers-Schönberg Professorship in the History of Science in the School of Historical Studies.

“The Albers-Schönberg name is illustrious in the history of science, with important contributions across three generations of scholars and researchers. It is an honor to have it now permanently connected to the Institute. And it is for me a joy and a privilege, in one of my first announcements as IAS Director, to express the Institute’s gratitude for this visionary gift,” remarked David Nirenberg, IAS Director and Leon Levy Professor.

John Urschel, Member in the School of Mathematics, is an applied mathematician/theoretical computer scientist as well as a former professional football player, who spent three seasons with the Baltimore Ravens. Urschel retired from the NFL in 2017...