Telephone Service Charges and Fees

This page contains miscellaneous charges for telephone services other than long distance. Here you will find fees such as monthly equipment charges, costs for different levels of service, digital telephone line installation, modem or fax line installation, directory listings, local and information call charges. For information on toll charges, see Toll Charges.

Note: Every effort is made to present accurate information on these pages concerning charges. In the event of any disagreement between your bill and this information, the Business Office's decision will prevail. Each School has policies regarding office telephone use and charges. Please contact your school Administrative Officer for questions on office telephone billing.

Telephone service levels

There are several levels of telephone service at the Institute.

Service LevelDescription
InternalOnly calls to IAS extensions & 800 numbers are permitted.
LocalOnly calls within the Local Calling area and to 800 numbers are permitted.
DomesticLocal service plus calls within North America.(Offices only)
FullNo restrictions. Can call anywhere in the World.

Telephone installation

The installation fee applies each time a line is activated. There is no charge for deinstallation. In the cases where it applies, a monthly charge is made for each month (or portion thereof) that the line is connected and activated. A minimum charge of one month applies in these cases. After the minimum charge, the last month will be prorated. Thus, if a line were installed on September 27 and deinstalled on July 10, a nine month charge would apply plus a prorated amount for June 28 to July 10. Short term apartment rates are only for periods of less than one month.


Periodic Charge

Digital phone in an academic office with full service


Short or long term apartment, analog phone with internal service


Long term apartment, analog phone with local service


Long term apartment, analog phone with full service


Modem or fax line in an office


Directory assistance

Note: Verizon Directory Assistance charges on a per call basis. Each information call is charged $1.25 for the lookup. An additional $0.30 is charged if Directory Assistance dials the number for you.

Usage and per Minute charges

There is no charge for calls made in the local calling area as defined by Verizon. Long distance and International call charges are displayed in Tollcalls.

Other charges

Please remember that you are responsible for the calls made from your telephone. Each school has its own policy concerning charges made from office lines. Individuals are responsible for their own apartment telephone use. From time to time, the bills that the Institute must pay contain telephone company charges that have not been captured by by the billing system. These calls will be matched to an extension and billed. The Institute reserves the right to deny service to anyone who abuses the system.