Different Types of Calls

Different types of calls

This page explains how to make campus, local, domestic long distance and international calls from campus telephones. Additional information is provided on how to use pre-paid calling card, calling card and credit card calls. The instructions here assume that you are familiar with the dialing on your office or apartment telephone instrument. If you do not know how to dial, you should consult one of the pages that describes your telephone instrument. These instructions apply only to telephones attached to the campus system. Please consult the local telephone book for instructions on how to use pay phones and outside lines. This page does not present information on exact charges for calls. That information is available on the Rates and Billing page.

Campus telephone numbers

The campus telephone system uses blocks of numbers from three different exchanges. In general, office numbers are 734-8nnn, apartment numbers are 279-2nnn and modems and fax lines are 951-4nnn. All of these numbers may be called from outside the Institute. In addition, some telephones have numbers which are not available for use outside the campus system. For complete information, see the telephone numbers page.

Public campus telephones are restricted to dialing within the Institute, local calls, and 800 Numbers. Office and apartment phones have different classes of service as described in charges. Please see Making a Service Request for information on changing your level of service.

Campus calls

To call another number on campus, you only need to dial the four digit extension. For example, to call 734-8241, the campus weekday Security line, you only need to dial 8241. Campus calling is permitted by all levels of service. There is no charge for campus calls.

Local calls

Local calls are calls to numbers in Princeton and some of the immediately surrounding areas.For details, see the local Bell telephone directory. To make a local call, you must dial "9" followed by the seven digit telephone number. For example, to reach the main number of Princeton University, 258-3000, you must dial 9-258-3000. Please note that to reach "911", which is the emergency number for Princeton Township police, you must dial 9-911. Internal only service is not permitted to dial local calls except to 911. Local calls are toll free.

Domestic long distance calls

Domestic long distance calls are calls to numbers in the US (including all 50 states) that are outside the local calling area. Calls to 609 area code that are outside the Princeton area and calls to other area codes will be domestic long distance. Our billing system also includes Canada and the Caribbean areas that use the 809 area code as domestic long distance. To make a domestic long distance call to other area codes, you must dial 9-1 and then the ten digit telephone number, including the area code. For example, to call the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington DC, you would dial 9-1-202-357-3335. To call within the 609 area code, just dial "9" and the seven digit telephone number. Toll charges apply to all domestic long distance calls except calls to area codes 800 and 888. Telephones with internal or local service may not make domestic long distance calls.

International calls

International calls are calls to countries other than the US, Canada and the Caribbean areas that use 809 area code. To make an international call, you must first dial 9-0-1-1 followed by the country code, the city code and finally the local telephone number. International rates apply to all international calls. International calls may only be made from telephones with full service.

Toll free calls

Calls to area code 800 and 888 are toll free and may be made from any campus telephone.

Credit card, debit card and calling card calls

This type of card may be used to make a call from any campus telephone by dialing 9-1-800 and the long distance carrier service number. Follow the instructions from the provider of the card to enter your card number and number to call. Calls made in this fashion are billed directly to you or subtracted from your debit card account. The Institute does not add any surcharge to such calls.

If you are using a telephone that permits it, you may use an AT&T calling card by dialing 9-0 and the area code and telephone number. You will then have to enter your card number when prompted.

Directory assistance

Directory assistance may be reached from phones that are not restricted to internal service. For directory assistance within area code 609, dial 9-411. For other area codes, dial 9-Area Code-555-1212. For international directory assistance, you must dial 9-00 and ask speak with an international directory assistance operator. Charges apply to all directory assistance calls.

Billable calls including area codes 900 and 700

Calls to area codes 700 and 900 incur charges above and beyond long distance rates, but are dialed as any other long distance call. These additional charges will be billed to the extension making the call. Charges for calls to numbers 976-xxxx will also be billed to the extension making the call.