Resetting Your Password Through ADSelfService Plus


  1. Browse to
  2. Log In to change your password, otherwise, click on 'Forgot your password?'

    AD Self Service Forgot My Password Screenshot
  3. Enter your IAS username 

  4. A verification code will automatically be sent to the non-IAS email address you provided through updateme.
  5. Retrieve the verification code from your email and type it into the box on-screen. Once entered, click the 'Continue' button. 

    AD Self Service Verification Code Screenshot


    • If you have not received an email after approximately 5 minutes, click on the 'Resend Code' Link. If you do not receive a code after clicking this link, please contact your School's Helpdesk (ITG, Math, SNS).
  6. Once the code has been verified, if you are enrolled in Duo,  you will be prompted to enter a Duo passcode in your duo mobile app.

    Note: If you are already authenticated through DUO in your browser, you will not be prompted to authenticate again.

  7. Enter your new password in the 'New Password' and 'Confirm New Password' boxes. Once your new password has been entered into both boxes, click the 'Reset Password' button.

    ADSelfService Plus Step 4