The Purchasing Department administers the Institute's purchasing process to secure the best price, quality, and service for the required goods and services based on the needs of the Institute departments and programs. This is accomplished, in part, by encouraging competition among vendors. As part of this process, the Institute encourages the inclusion of small business; minority owned business firms and women business enterprises wherever possible. The Purchasing Department promotes the use of diversified vendors to the greatest extent possible and to foster their growth as viable vendor candidates.

The Institute is an active member of the National Association for Educational Procurement, the Educational & Institutional Buying Cooperative, and the OMNIA Partners. These organizations are highly regarded national cooperative buying groups which enable us to take advantage of volume contract pricing on many goods and services.

Doing Business With Us

The Institute Purchasing Department actively seeks and fairly evaluates competitive sources of supply for required goods and/or services. Potential vendors may include product distributors of the same manufacture, or those manufacturing or selling equivalent goods or services when generic specifications are appropriate. A vendor will not be asked for quotes if information is known in advance that would prohibit the Institute from doing business with this vendor. Such information would include, but is not limited to, federal or institutional debarment, or a history of price fixing or unethical business practices. Only individuals authorized to purchase goods and services may select vendors on behalf of the Institute.

Further inquiry may be directed to purchasing@ias.edu.