The Simons Center for Systems Biology

The Simons Center for Systems Biology at the Institute for Advanced Study conducts research at the interface of biology and the physical sciences. Initiated within the School of Natural Sciences in 2005 by Professor Arnold J. Levine, the Center strives to be a meeting point for researchers interested in quantitative approaches to biology. In addition to faculty, the Center hosts Members and Visitors who come to the Institute for periods ranging from weeks to several years. Regular seminars and conferences also allow short-term visitors to come to the Center.

At present, the faculty of the Center include Professor Emeritus Arnold Levine and Professors Stanislas Leibler and Misha Tsodyks.

Applications for future memberships are invited from people with experience in physics, computer science, statistics, mathematics or biology. In addition to memberships, there are opportunities for short-term visits and sabbaticals.

Information about memberships and how to apply can be found at the Apply option listed at the top of the page. Applications in biology can be submitted at any time to


Current Members and Visitors


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The Institute for Advanced Study gratefully acknowledges generous support
of the biology initiative from The Simons Foundation and the Leon Levy Foundation.


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