Math, Finance & Decisions: Career Paths in Financial Services

We face financial choices every day. From buying a morning coffee, to an online shopping errand in the afternoon, we are asked “Cash, Credit or Debit?” and “Pay Now or Later?”  We occasionally face bigger decisions, like whether to take out a car loan, or to open a retirement account, or to take out a life insurance policy.

The finance industry offers you, as mathematicians, a rich array of career opportunities. Many of those include working with new technologies, complex data sets, and novel algorithms. Whether or not you enter the industry, we all play roles as consumers and as citizens influencing regulations.

This talk will share an overview of the finance sector, core mathematical ideas important in it, and my career path through it. My goal is to inspire you make the most of your math backgrounds to shape your financial futures and the future of this industry.



Margaret Holen


Princeton University