Cohomological Automorphic Representations on Unitary Groups

Consider the family of automorphic representations on some unitary group with fixed (possibly non-tempered) cohomological representation π0 at infinity and level dividing some finite upper bound. We compute statistics of this family as the level restriction goes to infinity. For unramified unitary groups and a large class of π0, we are able to compute the exact leading term for both counts of representations and averages of Satake parameters. We get bounds on our error term similar to previous work by Shin-Templier that studied the case of discrete series at infinity. We also discuss in-progress computations towards expected corollaries related to the Sarnak-Xue density conjecture, average Sato-Tate equidistribution in families, and growth of cohomology for towers of locally symmetric spaces.


The main technical tool is an extension of an inductive argument that was originally developed by Taïbi to count unramified representations on Sp and SO and used the endoscopic classification of representations (which our case requires for non-quasisplit unitary groups).


This is joint work with Mathilde Gerbelli-Gauthier



Johns Hopkins University


Rahul Dalal