Categorical non-properness in wrapped Floer theory

In all known explicit computations on Weinstein manifolds, the self-wrapped Floer homology of non-compact exact Lagrangian is always either infinite-dimensional or zero. We will explain why a global variant of this observed phenomenon holds in broad generality: the wrapped Fukaya category of any Weinstein (or non-degenerate Liouville) manifold is always either non-proper or zero, as is any quotient thereof. Moreover any non-compact connected exact Lagrangian is always either a "non-proper object" or zero in such a wrapped Fukaya category, as is any idempotent summand thereof. We will also examine where the argument could break if one drops exactness, which is consistent with known computations of non-exact wrapped Fukaya categories which are smooth, proper, and non-vanishing (e.g., work of Ritter-Smith).



University of Southern California