A Quantum Circuit Interpretation of Evaporating Black Hole Geometry

Abstract: When Alice shares thermofield double with Bob, her time evolution can make the wormhole grow. We identify different kinds of operations Alice can do as being responsible for the growth of different parts of spacetime and see how it fits together with subregion duality. With this, we give a quantum circuit interpretation of evaporating black hole geometry. We make an analogy between the appearance of island for evaporating black hole and the transition from two-sided to one-sided black hole in the familiar example of perturbed thermofield double. If Alice perturbs thermofield double and waits for scrambling time, she will have a one-sided black hole with interior of her own. We argue that by similar mechanism the radiation gets access to the interior (island forms) after Page time. The growth of the island happens as a result of the constant transitions from two-sided to one-sided black holes.



Member, School of Natural Sciences, Institute for Advanced Study