Key titles on the history of the Institute for Advanced Study

Institute for Advanced Study (Princeton, N.J.), and Linda G. Arntzenius, eds. Institute for Advanced Study: an introduction. IAS. 3rd ed. Princeton, N.J: Institute for Advanced Study, 2013.

Arntzenius, Linda G. Institute for Advanced Study. Images of America. Charleston, S.C: Arcadia, 2011. Chiefly illustrated, 128 pages.
“Author Linda G. Arntzenius, an independent researcher and oral historian, has drawn upon photographs from the Shelby White and Leon Levy Archives Center at the Institute for Advanced Study and from the collections of Princeton residents to disclose the prestigious scholarly community that has long been regarded as a cloistered world apart.” (HS-SS Library AS36.I86 A76 2011)

Askey, Richard, Peter L. Duren, and Uta C. Merzbach, eds. A Century of Mathematics in America. History of Mathematics, v. 3. Armand Borel. “The School of Mathematics at the Institute for Advanced Study”. p.119- Providence, RI: American Mathematical Society, 1988. (M-NS Library, QA27.U5 C46 1988 v.3 ) .

Batterson, Steve. Pursuit of Genius: Flexner, Einstein, and the Early Faculty at the Institute for Advanced Study. Wellesley, Mass: A K Peters, 2006. (HS-SS Library, AS36.I86B47 2006)

A Community of Scholars: Impressions of the Institute for Advanced Study. Princeton, N.J: Princeton University Press, 2012 and 2011. (HS-SS Library, AS36.I86 I563 2012) This volume features photographs by Serge Levy and essays by various contributors: Contents: A Paradise for Scholars? / Peter Goddard -- The Institute for Advanced Study; Eighty Years On / Michael Atiyah -- Historical Times / Barbara Kowalzig -- Warmth amid the Cold / Chantal David -- Unusual Business / Wolf Lepenies -- Essential Exchanges / Jane F. Fulcher -- Looking for Leaders / Freeman Dyson -- Shaping Time / Paul Moravec -- The Interlocutors / Joan Wallach Scott -- Night Owls and Early Birds / David H. Weinberg-- Index of Photographs; Biographies.

Dyson, George. Turing’s Cathedral: The Origins of the Digital Universe. 1st ed. New York: Pantheon Books, 2012. (HS-SS Library, QA76.17 .D97 2012)
Contents: 1953 -- Olden Farm -- Veblen’s circle -- Neumann János -- MANIAC -- Fuld 219 -- 6J6 -- V-40 -- Cyclogenesis -- Monte Carlo -- Ulam’s demons -- Barricelli’s universe -- Turing’s cathedral -- Engineer’s dreams -- Theory of self-reproducing automata -- Mach 9 -- The tale of the big computer -- The thirty-ninth step.

Establishing the Institute for Advanced Study, n.d.
This booklet contains a selection of founding documents that describe the purpose and ideals of the Institute for Advanced Study as articulated by the Bambergers and by Abraham Flexner, the founding Director. .

Lavin, Irving, and Marilyn Aronberg Lavin. Truth and Beauty at the Institute for Advanced Study. Princeton, NJ: Institute for Advanced Study, 2011. (HS-SS Library, AS36.I86 L38 2011) .

Near and Middle Eastern studies at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton: 1935-2018 / edited by Sabine Schmidtke. Piscataway, NJ, USA : Gorgias Press, 2018. (HS-SS Library, D62 .N43 2018)
"The history of Near and Middle Eastern Studies at the Institute for Advanced Study dates back to 1935, and it is the one area of scholarship that has been continuously represented at the Institute ever since, encompassing all four schools--Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Historical Studies, and Social Science. The volume opens with a historical sketch of the study of the Near and Middle East at the Institute, discussing luminaries such as Ernst Herzfeld, Henri Seyrig, Ernst Kantorowicz, Otto Neugebauer, Marshall Clagett, Clifford Geertz, Bernard Lewis, Glen Bowersock, Oleg Grabar, and Patricia Crone and their respective impact on the field. The second part of the volume, "Fruits of Scholarship," consists of essays and short studies by IAS scholars, past and present-" ... Additional information:

Porter, Laura Smith. “From Intellectual Sanctuary to Social Responsibility: The Founding of the Institute for Advanced Study, 1930-1933,” (Thesis (Ph.D.)--Princeton University, 1988.) (HS-SS Library. AS36.I86 P67 1988)
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Stern, Beatrice M. A History of the Institute for Advanced Study, 1930-1950. [Princeton? s.n, 1964. Beatrice Stern was commissioned by the Institute during J. Robert Oppenheimer’ s tenure to write a history of the Institute. She used original source materials at a time when the Institute had not yet established an archive and interviewed individuals for this history. The history was unfortunately closed to outside use almost immediately. (HS-SS Library, AS36.I86 S74 1964)
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New: Bortolini, M. 2021. A Joyfully Serious Man. The Life of Robert Bellah. Princeton: Princeton University Press, chapter 10.

Bortolini, M. 2011. “The “Bellah Affair” at Princeton. Scholarly Excellence and Academic Freedom in America in the 1970s.” The American Sociologist, 42(1), pp. 3-33. 

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