Past Director

Harry Woolf


Harry Woolf served as the Institute for Advanced Study’s fifth Director from 1976 to 1987, stepping down in 1987 to become Professor-at-Large and, in 1994, Professor-at-Large Emeritus. Under Woolf’s direction, the Institute achieved significant growth and development in all directions, including a substantial increase in the endowment of the Institute, notable changes in the presence of computer technology in academic research, the formalization of the Institute’s Director’s Visitors program, and the establishment of the Institute archives.

Dates at IAS
Cornell University Ph.D., 1955
University of Chicago M.A., 1949
University of Chicago B.Sc., 1948
Member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences 1983
Member, American Philosophical Society 1977
Honorary degrees from Whitman College, American University, Johns Hopkins University, and St. Lawrence University
Johns Hopkins University 1961–1976 Willis K. Shepard Professor of the History of Science (1961-1976); Chairman/History of Science Department (1961-1972); Provost (1972-1976)
University of Washington 1955–1961 Professor of the History of Science 1959–61, Associate Professor of History 1958–59; Assistant Professor of History 1955–58
Brandeis University 1954–1955 Instructor of History
Boston University 1953–1955 Instructor of Physics