Past Faculty

Winfield W. Riefler

School of Historical Studies
Economics and Politics

From the American Statistician:

From 1935 to 1948, [Winfield] Riefler was Professor of Economics and Politics at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton and was also involved with many outside interests. As a director of the National Bureau of Economic Research and Chairman of the Bureau’s Committee on Research in Finance he worked closely with Ralph A. Young and Raymond J. Saulnier in developing a program of financial research that to a great extent reflected his initiative and design. One of the most notable studies that resulted was Morris A. Copeland’s Money Flows in the United States; Riefler’s introduction bubbled with excitement, as his conversation always did.

“Winfield Reifler,” The American Statistician (2012)

Dates at IAS
  • Economics and Politics
Brookings Grad School Ph.D., 1927
D Hum Litt(hc) Amherst Coll 1944
Croix de Guerre
League of Nations Member delegation for study of economic depression 1937-46; subcomm on financial statistics 1938-46; finance comm 1937-46
Fed Reserve Bank Philadelphia 1941–1942 Director
For Policy Assoc 1938–1940 Director