Past Faculty

Walter W. Stewart

School of Historical Studies
Historical Studies

From the History of Political Economy:

[Walter] Stewart served as a top adviser to policymakers before there was any tradition for such service by economists. Despite minimal formal academic training in economics, he had the good fortune to become closely associated with Davenport, Walton Hamilton, and Veblen in his early years, to work under Wesley Mitchell at the end of World War I, and to acquire a strong taste for empirical work, to produce an imposing group of students at Amherst, and to gain the friendship and confidence of dignitaries like Benjamin Strong and Dwight Morrow. Concluding his career with service on the Council of Economic Advisers was really a tribute to his pioneering work in the 1920s.

“Walter W. Stewart” History of Political Economy (1982)

Dates at IAS
  • Historical Studies
  • Economics and Politics
University of Missouri A.B., 1909
Columbia University 1951
DLitt Princeton University 1951
Amherst College 1944
Dartmouth College 1933
LLD Univ of Missouri 1932
American Philosophical Society
Honorary Foreign Member, Political Economy Club, London
Officer Legion of Honor
Phi Beta Kappa
President’s Council of Economic Advisers 1953–1955 Member
General Education Board 1933–1950 Trustee
Rockefeller Foundation 1931–1950 Trustee
Institute for Advanced Study 1933–1941 Trustee
Bennington College 1932–1938 Trustee
Bank of England 1928–1930 Economic Adviser