Past von Neumann Fellow

Svitlana Mayboroda

Field of Study
Analysis, Partial Differential Equations
From 1/2018 – 4/2018:

Svitlana Mayboroda is working on harmonic analysis, partial differential equations, and geometric measure theory. At IAS, she plans to concentrate on certain aspects of wave localization in rough media.

Dates at IAS
von Neumann Fellow
  • Mathematics
1/20184/2018 Spring
University of Missouri Ph.D., 2005
ICM speaker 2018
Northrop Professor 2016
Sadosky Prize in Analysis 2014
Integrated NSF Award Promoting Interdisciplinary Research and Education 2014
Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship 2010
University of Minnesota 2011–2015 Associate Professor
Purdue University 2008–2011 Assistant Professor
Ohio State University 2006–2008 Visiting Assistant Professor
Brown University 2007–2007 Visiting Assistant Professor