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Shigefumi Mori



From the Proceedings of the International Congress of Mathematicians:

"The most profound and exciting development in algebraic geometry during the last decade or so was the Minimal Model Program or Mori’s Program in connection with the classification problems of algebraic varieties of dimension three. Shigefumi Mori initiated the program with a decisively new and powerful technique, guided the general research direction with some good collaborators along the way, and finally finished up the program by himself overcoming the last difficulty. The program was constructive and the end result was more than an existence theorem of minimal models. Even just the existence theorem by itself was the most fundamental result toward the classification of general algebraic varieties in dimension 3 up to birational transformations. The constructive nature of the program, moreover, provided a way of factoring a general birational transformation of threefolds into elementary transformations (divisorial contractions, flips and flops) that could be explicitly describable in principle. Mori’s theorems on algebraic threefolds were stunning and beautiful by the totally new features unimaginable by those algebraic geometers who had been working, probably very hard too, only in the traditional world of algebraic or complex-analytic surfaces. Three in dimension was in fact a quantum jump from two in algebraic geometry."

Fields Medalist, (1990)

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