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Shai Evra

Funding provided by the National Science Foundation
Field of Study
Representation Theory
Home Institution
Institute for Advanced Study

Shai Evra’s current research concerns symmetric spaces of arithmetic groups and their combinatoric, geometric, and topological structure. A main goal is proving that these objects display expander-like properties. In order to study such objects, he employs results from representation and number theory (e.g. Ramanujan and Langlands conjectures).

Dates at IAS
  • Mathematics
Hebrew University of Jerusalem Ph.D., 2018
Hebrew University of Jerusalem M.Sc., 2013
Hebrew University of Jerusalem B.Sc., 2012
Clore scholarship, Clore Israel Foundation. 2016
Perlman prize, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 2015
Zafriri prize, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 2014
Amirim fellowship, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 2012