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Richard Abels

Historical Studies
Field of Study
Medieval Military History
From 9/2007 – 6/2008:

Richard Abels is using a wide range of evidence, including historical and literary narratives, charters, canon law, exegetical works, poetry, art, and archaeology to examine how cultural considerations and constraints shaped medieval warfare on all levels, from defining casus belli, to strategic and tactical decisionmaking, to the conduct and experiences of ordinary soldiers.

Dates at IAS
  • Historical Studies
Columbia University Ph.D., 1982
Columbia University M.A., 1976
Columbia University B.A., 1973
The U.S. Naval Academy's Service Excellence Award 2008
The U.S. Naval Academy's Research Excellence Award 2003
Dept. of the Navy Meritorious Civil Service Medal 1991, 2003, 2008
The U.S. Naval Academy's Excellence in Teaching Award 1991
The United States Naval Academy 1986–1991 Assoc Prof.
The United States Naval Academy 1982–1986 Asst Prof
The United States Naval Academy 1991–- Professor