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Paul DiMaggio

Social Science
Field of Study
From 9/2017 – 6/2018:

At IAS, Paul DiMaggio is working on a book that develops a framework for the social-scientific study of culture that takes into account recent work on social cognition and cognitive neuroscience, and applies it to a series of puzzles: How does meaning work? What are values? How (and when) do elements of a culture cohere? How does culture change?

Dates at IAS
  • Social Science
Harvard University Ph.D., 1979
Harvard University M.A., 1977
Swarthmore College B.A., 1971
Elected to membership in the American Philosophical Society 2016
Elected to membership in American Academy of Arts and Sciences 2009
Graduate Mentoring Award for the Social Sciences, Princeton University 2007
Elected to membership in American of Political and Social science 2004
Princeton University 1992–2016 Professor of Sociology & Public Affairs
Russell Sage Foundation 2011–2012 Visiting Fellow
Yale University 1979–1992 Postdoc through Full Professor
Center for Advance Study in the Behavioral Sciences 1984–1985 Visiting Fellow