Past Member

Jacob Bekenstein

Natural Sciences
Field of Study
Gravitation theory and astrophysics
From 9/2009 – 8/2010:

Seeking to improve the modified dynamics (MOND) paradigm so that it can ultimately describe (or summarize) dynamics on the scale of clusters of galaxies as well as it does dynamics on galaxy scale. I am looking into vacuum energy and variable coupling constants as possible contributing elements to MOND; these are, of course, phenomena of interest in themselves.

Dates at IAS
  • Natural Sciences
Princeton University Ph.D., 1972
Polytechnic Institute of New York B.Sc., 1969
Polytechnic Institute of New York M.Sc., 1969
Israel National Prize 2005
Member, Israel Academy of Sciences 1997
Rotschild Prize (Israel) 1988
Landau Prize for Research in Physics (Israel) 1981
Bergman Prize in Physics (Israel) 1977
Hebrew University of Jerusalem 1990 Full Professor
Ben Gurion University, Israel 1983 Arnow Professor of Astrophysics
1978 Full Professor