Past Faculty

Homer Armstrong Thompson

School of Historical Studies
Classical Archaeology
Historical Studies

Homer Armstrong Thompson, one of this century’s leading classical archaeologists, was Professor Emeritus at the Institute for Advanced Study, where he had been a member of the Faculty since 1947. Thompson was an internationally recognized scholar who played a central role in the excavation and reconstruction of the Agora, the ancient Athenian market place where the accomplishments and fissures of democracy first emerged.

Dates at IAS
  • Historical Studies
  • Historical Studies
University of Mchigan Ph.D., 1929
LW Drexel Gold Medal, University of Pennsylvania 1978
College of Wooster 1972
New York University 1972
Gold Medal for Distinguished Archaeological Achievement, Archaeology Institute of America 1972
University of Freiburg i Br 1966
University of Athens 1963
Université Lyon 1963
University of Toronto 1961
Dartmouth College 1957
University of Michigan 1957
Honorary Citizen of Athens 1956
Honorary Degrees: University of British Columbia 1949