Past Junior Visiting Professor

Brant Robertson

Natural Sciences
Field of Study
Theoretical and Computational Astrophysics
From 1/2019 – 6/2019:

Brant Robertson is working on theoretical topics related to galaxy formation, dark matter, hydrodynamics, and numerical simulation methodologies, and on machine learning and computational methodologies applied to large astronomical data sets.

Dates at IAS
Junior Visiting Professor
  • Natural Sciences
1/20196/2019 Spring
Harvard University Ph.D., 2006
Harvard University M.A., 2003
University of Washington B.S., 2001
Bok Prize, Harvard University 2014
Commencement Marshal, Harvard University 2006
University of California, Santa Cruz 2015–2018 Associate Professor
University of Arizona 2011–2015 Assistant Professor
California Institute of Technology 2009–2011 Hubble Fellow
University of Chicago 2006–2009 Spitzer and Institute Fellow