Past Member

Ayten Alkan

Social Science
Field of Study
Urban Studies, Critical Animal Studies
From 8/2017 – 7/2018:

Ayten Alkan’s research revisits the history of urbanization on the tracks of ever-changing human-nonhuman relations. It does so through a theoretical quest to incorporate the mentality of “Animal Rights” into the “Right to the City” debate. Her aim is to comprehend the city and urban life so as to include “other animals,” by focusing on the particular case of “stray animals.”

Dates at IAS
  • Social Science
Ankara University, Social Sciences Institute Ph.D., 2003
Culture and Animals Foundation, 2017 Research Grant Recipient 2017
Turkish Association for Social Sciences Young Social Scientists Award, for PhD thesis titled 'Gender Sensitivity of Local Governments - The Case of Ankara' 2005
(December-January) FMSH, Paris 2016–2017 Visiting Researcher (Grantee of DEA-FMSH)
( October- December) CITERES, University of François Rabelais, Tours 2016 Visiting Researcher (Grantee of the French Embassy in Ankara)
Istanbul University, Faculty of Political Science 2011–2016 Assoc. Prof. Tenure-Track
Istanbul University, Faculty of Political Science 2008–2011 Assist. Prof., Tenure-Track
Ankara University, Faculty of Political Science 1995–2008 Research Assist. Tenure-Track