Resources for Director’s Visitors

Congratulations on your upcoming appointment as a Director’s Visitor. This page contains resources to help you prepare for your stay, and to help us get all of the information we need from you to ensure you have full access to campus resources upon your arrival.

  • As soon as possible:
    • Please provide all information needed to finalize the details of your stay (i.e. housing, insurance, etc.) using Update Me. A invitation to access Update Me will be sent to you.
    • For questions regarding your immigration status while at IAS, contact Jennifer Hansen at
  • For your Information:
    • Past visitors have told us how much they would have liked to see our campus before arriving at the Institute for the first time. In response to that request, we created a short, simple video.
    • FAQs for incoming Director’s Visitors are available HERE.
    • FAQs of interest to all of our visiting scholars are available HERE.