The Institute for Advanced Study

Mission Statement

The Institute is pledged to assemble a group of scientists and scholars who with their pupils and assistants may devote themselves to the task of pushing beyond the present limits of human knowledge and to training those who may “carry on” in this sense.

—Mission Statement of the Institute for Advanced Study by founding Director Abraham Flexner, Organization Meeting, October 10, 1930


The Institute for Advanced Study is one of the world's foremost centers for theoretical research and intellectual inquiry. Located in Princeton, N.J., the IAS is dedicated to independent study across the sciences and humanities. Founded in 1930, the Institute is devoted to advancing the frontiers of knowledge without concern for immediate application. From founding IAS Professor Albert Einstein to the foremost thinkers of today, the IAS enables bold, curiosity-driven innovation to enrich society in unexpected ways.

Each year, the Institute welcomes more than 200 of the world's most promising post-doctoral researchers and scholars who are selected and mentored by a permanent Faculty, each of whom are preeminent leaders in their fields. Among present and past Faculty and Members there have been 35 Nobel Laureates, 42 of the 60 Fields Medalists, and 21 of the 24 Abel Prize Laureates, as well as many MacArthur Fellows and Wolf Prize winners.


For images of the IAS Director and current Faculty and Emeriti, click here. To access recent images of the Institute grounds, click here. Please contact Lee Sandberg at (609) 951-4406 or lsandberg@ias.edu if you wish to inquire about permission to use the images.


Historical images are available through the Shelby White and Leon Levy Archive Center Digital Collections. To inquire about permission to publish archival images of Albert Einstein and other historical photographs related to the Institute, please contact archives@ias.edu.


An Inside View of IAS