A Community of Scholars

This project is an ongoing effort to record the scope and depth of the Institute community and its history. The list is based on information from publications, including A Community of Scholars: The Institute for Advanced Study 1930-1980, and supplemental sources. Please note that the dates listed pertain to academic visits of one month or more. We encourage individuals to submit corrections and comments to cos@ias.edu.

Aaronson, Scott
[M] Math 2004-05
Aarseth, Sverre
[V] NatSci 1986-87
Abarbanel, Henry
[M] NatSci 1971 f
Abbate, Carolyn
[V] HistSt 2010-11
Abbey, Ruth
[M] SocSci 1999-2000
Abdellatif, Refat
[M] NatSci 1975-76
Abdullaev, Kazim
[M] HistSt 2004 f
[V] HistSt 2008 s
Abdullaeva, Firouza
[M] HistSt 2002 s
Abelove, Henry
[M] SocSci 1995-96
Abels, Richard
[M] HistSt 2007-08
Abercrombie, Thomas
[M] SocSci 1989-90
Åberg, Hans Gustav
[M] Math 1984-85
[V] Math 1986 o
Abikoff, William
[M] Math 1989 s
Ablayev, Farid
[V] Math 2003 o
[V] Math 2003 f
Abouzaid, Mohammed
[M] Math 2016 f
[V] Math 2017 s
Abraham, Douglas
[M] Math 1996 s
Abrashkin, Victor
[M] Math 1993-94
Abreu, Miguel
[M] Math 1996-97
Abu El-Haj, Nadia
[M] SocSci 2001-02
Abu-Lughod, Lila
[M] SocSci 1987-88
Abusch, Israel Tzvi
[M] HistSt 2003-04
Abutudu, Musa
[M] SocSci 1997-98
Accola, Robert D.M.
[M] Math 1968-69
Ackerman, Ari
[A] SocSci 1996-99
Ackerman, Michael R.
[M] Math 1973-74
Ackerman, Robert A.
[M] HistSt 1975-76
Ackrill, John Lloyd
[M] HistSt 1950-51
[M] HistSt 1961-62
Aczel, Peter Henry
[M] Math 2012-13
Adame Villanueva, Lucia
[V] NatSci 2006 o
Adamek, Wendi Leigh
[M] HistSt 2015-16
Adams, John Frank
[M] Math 1957-58
[M] Math 1961 f
Adams, Malcolm R.
[M] Math 1984-85
Adams, Nicholas
[M] HistSt 1992-93
Adams, William W.
[M] Math 1966-67
[V] Math 1968 o
Addi, Lahouari
[M] SocSci 2002-03
Addison, John W. Jr.
[M] Math 1956-57
Adelman, Jeremy
[M] HistSt 2001-02
Adelstein, Richard
[M] SocSci 1994-95
Àdem, Alejandro
[M] Math 1989-90
[M] Math 2004 f
Adiprasito, Karim Alexander
[M] Math 2015 s
[M] Math 2016 s