Former Members Selected as 2016 Simons Investigators

Former Members in the both the School of Mathematics and School of Natural Sciences have been selected as 2016 Simons Investigators by the Simons Foundation. The Simons Investigators program provides a stable base of support for outstanding scientists, enabling them to undertake long-term study of fundamental questions in the fields of mathematics, physics, theoretical computer science, the mathematical modeling of living systems, and Math+X. Former Members who received the awards include Vladimir Markovic, Member (2015) School of Mathematics; Daniel Eisenstein, Member (1996–99) in School of Natural Sciences; Anton Kapustin, Member (1997–2001) in the School of Natural Sciences; David Zuckerman, Member (2011–12) in the School of Mathematics; and Ingrid Daubechies, Member (1999) in the School of Mathematics. Learn more about the awards


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