Former Members Win 2017 Shaw Prizes in Mathematics and Astronomy

The 2017 Shaw Prize in Mathematical Sciences has been awarded to János Kollár, Member (1986, 2014–15), and Claire Voisin, Distinguished Visiting Professor (2014–15) both in the School of Mathematics. The pair was awarded for their remarkable results in many central areas of algebraic geometry, which have transformed the field and led to the solution of long-standing problems that had appeared out of reach.

Simon D.M. White, Visitor (1982) in the School of Natural Sciences, has been awarded the 2017 Shaw Prize in Astronomy for his contributions to understanding structure formation in the Universe. With powerful numerical simulations, White has shown how small density fluctuations in the early Universe develop into galaxies and other nonlinear structures, strongly supporting a cosmology with a flat geometry, and dominated by dark matter and a cosmological constant.

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