The Right Way to Regulate AI

In an article for Foreign Affairs, Alondra Nelson, Harold F. Linder Professor in the School of Social Science, advocates for focusing on the possibilities that artificial intelligence might provide, as opposed to dwelling on its perils. 

She argues against the idea that specific new technologies always necessitate specific new laws: "This instinct is wrong. Throughout history, the United States has reinterpreted and expanded citizens’ rights and liberties, but the understanding that such entitlements and freedoms exist has been enduring. If policymakers return to first principles such as those invoked in the AI Bill of Rights when governing AI, they may also recognize that many AI applications are already subject to existing regulatory oversight."


"Government does not have to be a drag on innovation in artificial intelligence: it can enable it, strategically stewarding science and technology investments to not only prevent harm but also enhance people’s lives."

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