Christian Mauder Receives 2018 Malcolm H. Kerr Dissertation Award

Christian Mauder, Member in the School of Historical Studies, has been awarded the 2018 Malcolm H. Kerr Dissertation Award in the Humanities.

The Middle East Studies Association recognizes Mauder's dissertation, "In the Sultan’s Salon: Learning, Religion and Rulership at the Mamluk Court of Qāniṣawh al-Ghawrī (r. 1501–1516)," as "the first to thoroughly investigate court culture in Islamic history and the first to focus on Mamluk court culture under the rule of Qanisawh al-Ghawri," praising Mauder's analytical rigor, innovative methodology, creative thinking, beautiful writing, and thoroughness.

Earlier this month, Mauder received the 2018 Christian-Gottlob-Heyne-Preis for the same disseration.

Mauder continues to work on this subject as part of a book project at IAS.

Read more at the Middle East Studies Association.


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