Stephen Adler on Modifying Quantum Mechanics 

Stephen Adler, Professor Emeritus in the School of Natural Sciences, spoke to science writers contributing to Scientific American and New Scientist about testing models that seek to explain quantum measurement by subtly modifying quantum mechanics––a field in which he has been active for about two decades. “My own belief is that you need some modification of quantum mechanics,” Adler told Scientific American. “I don't see why that is a problem. Newtonian mechanics was believed to be exact for 200 years, and it's not. Most theories have a domain in which they work, and then there's a domain beyond which they don't work and where a broader theory is needed.”

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“Usually when there are paradoxes it’s not ingenious interpretations that solve them," Adler told New Scientist. "It’s just a fact that the laws of physics have a limited domain, which we don’t know the boundaries of. When you go beyond the boundaries, you find new physics.”

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