Lessons from Hitler’s Rise

Christopher R. Browning, Member (1994–95) in the School of Historical Studies, examines Hitler: Ascent 1889–1939 by Volker Ullrich in relation to the current political situation in the United States, writing "in early 2017 it is impossible for an American to read the newly published English translation of this book outside the shadow cast by our new president. . . . However unequal in severity the situations in the two countries were, large numbers of Germans and Americans perceived multiple crises of political gridlock, economic failure, humiliation abroad, and cultural-moral decay at home. Both Hitler and Trump proclaimed their countries to be ‘losers,’ offered themselves as the sole solution to these crises, and pledged a return to the glories of an imagined golden past. Hitler promised a great ‘renewal’ in Germany, Trump to ‘make America great again.’”

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