American Musicological Society Recognizes Member's Research on Puccini's Music Boxes

W. Anthony Sheppard, Member in the School of Historical Studies (2011–12), has received the H. Colin Slim Award for his article “Puccini and the Music Boxes,” which appeared in the Journal of the Royal Musical Association in spring 2015.

Based upon work Sheppard conducted during his time at the Institute, the article traces the previously unnoticed connections between Puccini's Madama Butterfly and Turandot in their mutual incorporation of music-box melodies. Read Sheppard's "The Sound of Scholarly Serendipity," an article that explores the same subject, which appeared in the Fall 2012 Institute Letter.

Bestowed by the American Musicological Society, the H. Colin Slim Award honors each year a musicological article of exceptional merit. Sheppard’s article was selected for open access publication and is available here.

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