Can Alondra Nelson Remake the Government’s Approach to Science and Tech?

"For generations, science and tech have not spurred the same discussions about identity and racial and gender equity that other policy areas have. Now, though, as the lines between the digital world and the real world blur, the costs of ignoring these disparities are becoming clearer. With AI’s discriminatory potential becoming clearer by the day and a new system of digital currency quickly going mainstream but still mostly invested in and built by white men, Nelson and supporters are hoping that right now is a moment to center questions of who innovates, and who benefits from it. Nelson is at the forefront of that push, helping to craft U.S. policy on crypto to artificial intelligence and beyond.

Sitting in her office, Nelson says her time at OSTP is informed by the idea that 'we have to have a frank historical accounting' about how decisions about the country’s use of science and technology 'have not always been good.' 'And if we want to do it better,' she continues, 'if we want to do it in a way that benefits more people and includes more people, you have to have that conversation.'"

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