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Brill Launches a New Journal in Collaboration with Sabine Schmidtke and Hassan Ansari

Brill Academic Publishers launched a new journal, Shii Studies Review, in collaboration with Sabine Schmidtke, Professor in the School of Historical Studies, and Hassan Ansari, Member in the School. Brill adds the peer-reviewed journal to its growing publishing portfolio in Shii thought and traditions, spanning across Brill publishing areas, such as Middle East and Islamic Studies, Iran and Persian Studies, Asian Studies (Central and South Asia), Religious Studies, Philosophy, and History. Shii Studies Review will initially consist of two issues per year, and will be available online and in print. Its inaugural issue will be published this April and is dedicated to Professor Hossein Modarressi in recognition of his enormous contributions to Shii Studies. Shii Studies Review’s advisory board member Professor Etan Kohlberg (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) said that "with the greatly increased interest in Shiism in recent years, this new peer-reviewed journal provides a much-needed forum for informed, reliable and up-to-date studies on the history, culture, law, philosophy and literature of Shiism in its variegated forms. Led by an international editorial and advisory board, the journal takes a broad perspective on the rich traditions of Shiism within the general field of Islamic studies, and should thus be welcomed by both specialists and students."

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April 11, 2017
Press Contact
Alexandra Altman
(609) 951-4406