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Breakthrough Prize Recipients 2016
New York Times

Breakthrough Prize recipients on stage during the award ceremony

Members Win 2016 Breakthrough Prizes

Ian Agol, Distinguished Visiting Professor in the School of Mathematics, received the 2016 Breakthrough Prize in Mathematics, which recognizes major advances in the field and supports future endeavors in mathematics. Agol is honored for spectacular contributions to low-dimensional topology and geometric group theory, including work on the solutions of the tameness, virtual Haken and virtual fibering conjectures.”

Three Members in the School of Natural Sciences, Raphael Flauger (2011–14), Leonardo Senatore (2008–10), and Yuji Tachikawa (2006–11, 2014), are among the recipients of the 2016 New Horizons in Physics Prize. Additionally, Larry Guth, Member (2010–11) in the School of Mathematics, is among the recipients of the 2016 New Horizons in Mathematics Prize.


November 25, 2015
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