What Biden's Top AI Thinker Concluded We Should Do

Alondra Nelson Ezra Klein Podcast

"What does a public vision for A.I. actually look like? What do we as a society want from this technology, and how can we design policy to orient it in that direction?

There are few people who have thought as deeply about those questions as Alondra Nelson. As deputy director and acting director of the Biden White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy, she spearheaded the effort to create the A.I. Bill of Rights blueprint."

Nelson, who has recently returned to her position as Harold F. Linder Professor in the Institute's School of Social Science, joined The Ezra Klein Show to discuss "how the government is thinking about the A.I. policy challenge, what a regulatory framework for A.I. could look like, the possibility of a 'public option' for A.I. development, and much more."

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