Blasphemy Is Not a DEI Issue

The Hamline case does not illustrate a tension between diversity and academic freedom.

By Joan Wallach Scott, Professor Emerita in the School of Social Science

"Hamline University has been in the news lately for its decision not to renew the contract of an adjunct professor who showed her class a 14th-century image by a Muslim artist that depicts the prophet Muhammad, a depiction some Muslims object to as a violation of their religion.  


The case has given rise to discussions on the right and the left about the supposed tensions between academic freedom and diversity and the purported dangers posed by concessions to identitarian politics. Those discussions miss the point. This case is not an example of any tension between diversity and academic freedom, but of the confusion between fair treatment of minority students (respect and care for their well-being) and capitulation to religious censorship. The one does not require the other."

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