Chris Hamilton Awarded IAU 2021 Ph.D. Prize to Recognize Excellence in Astrophysics

Chris Hamilton, current Member in the School of Natural Sciences, has received the International Astronomical Union’s (IAU) 2021 Ph.D. Prize to Recognize Excellence in Astrophysics for his thesis “Secular Dynamics of Binaries in Stellar Clusters," supervised by current IAS Visitor and frequent Member Roman Rafikov

Recognized for his outstanding scientific achievements as a Ph.D. student in astronomy, Hamilton, who was awarded the prize by the IAU division in Fundamental Astronomy, is one of ten winners from around the world who were awarded the prize across nine divisions, in addition to an at-large prize.

At the Institute, Hamilton’s research probes the dynamics of galaxies, globular clusters, binary stars, and planetary systems; compact object mergers (LIGO/Virgo gravitational wave progenitors); and the kinetic theory of stellar systems and plasmas.

Since its founding in 1919, the IAU has promoted astronomy in all its aspects. Composed of over 13,000 members who are active in professional research, education and outreach in astronomy, it is the largest professional body for astronomers. 

The official certifications will be awarded during the IAU XXXI General Assembly in Busan, South Korea, August 2–11, 2022.